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6 Easy Steps to Secure The Bag

1. Pay Yourself (Ecc. 5:18-20)
Commit to paying yourself per week. Start an account that you will not touch and pay this account like it’s rent or a mortgage. No activity. Don’t touch it. It can be as small as 10-20 dollars per week or a month! We all know the bigger the better. Have the discipline to treat yourself. My grandfather once told me that if i get a dollar i should always keep a quarter. Don’t spend everything you have! We should all have an emergency fund. Do you have one? If your answer is no, then you should start an account TODAY and try his method! Thank me later.
2. Play Broke & Learn To Say No (Psalm 128:2)
Just because you have it for yourself doesn’t mean you have it for everyone else. As a single woman, I’ve gracefully accepted the title of being a single woman. I don’t have it because I’m all by myself honey! I need every pinch of change. If someone wants to treat you, accept the offer. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to spend it. Learn to accept the blessings. Don’t be “leechy” but accept the generosity. A large percentage of Americans uses about 40-60% of their income on eating out. During my SistHER mentorship, I told my mentees (SistHERs), “If you really wanna go out, grab a saucer and just ask everybody at the table if you can taste what they have.” You will have had a full entree with no bill! 😉
3. Cash Envelope System
Leave the credit cards at the crib! Leave the debit card too. Only take cash for the day. Give yourself a budget and only have it in cash! I repeat, “only have it in cash!” If you have no more cash for the day, then you’re done. That’s it. Take yo’ tail back home, rest your feet, and eat some chips. Act like a college student.
4. Invest
Invest in a mutual fund or a certificate of deposit. Find other ways to store your money, other than our local banks. To see that we can find higher interest on what’s being saved, is a better way of living.
5. Adapt A New Mentality. Leave a legacy!
Age has nothing to do with this. If you’re 15 or 45 and you want to start up a business these tips are for you. A lot of young people have vision and don’t know where to start. I’ve seen so many young people with a great gift and it goes toward the streets (Proverbs 13:11) because they didn’t know where to start with their gifts of flipping and saving money. Don’t run through money like water. Don’t be okay with growing a life having to worry about money. Invest in life insurance. God forbid, but when it’s time, let your loved ones grieve properly not having to do go fund me accounts. Go over how much money you spend on a habit. Weed, alcohol, shopping, etc. how much money could you have saved? Evaluate how good of a manager you’ve been so far. Pay people their money back. Don’t keep digging holes of having to owe people money. You already have bills to pay, and so do they! (Romans 13:8/ Proverbs 22:26-27)
6. Honor God with What You Have (Luke 18:12)
Last but not least, honor God with your increase (Proverbs 3:9). Sometimes we often feel like we have a hole in our pockets because we aren’t honest with our money. We don’t give God his tenth. So, he makes sure he’s securing his bag too. LOL (Malachi 3:8-10) In what ways, are we investing it back into the kingdom or honoring God with what he has given us. I’m a cheerful giver and so give to others. (2 Corinthians 9:7) I give to my home church and other ministries that have blessed me to advance the kingdom in hopes to extend their reach. I pay my tithe and I’ve never cried broke in addition to being a good manager of my money.
I’ll share more tips on how i saved my first 100k in my early 20’s in the next blog and YouTube channel. It’s time to save. Some of us are posting the good life on social media while crying broke behind the screens and filters. Save some money aside so that you can see the world and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You work hard, you should play hard to. Or maybe you’d like to start a business, buy a home, or whatever it is. You must secure the bag in order to take steps. Truth be told, financial stability often allows us to be at peace mentally and physically. Secure the bag so that maybe you can get away!
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6 Secrets To Unlock Your Happiness

1. Stop Complaining, Start Adulting, & Be Grateful!
Lord forgive me for complaining and seeing what I don’t have, more than what I do have. Over the past few weeks I’ve waddled in poor behavior like a sobbing spoiled child comparing myself to others, knit picking, and not seeing the goodness of your works in MY life. 2. Take A Break From Social Media
With social media being a part of our careers/ lives we can often get lost in the sauce by simply seeing what the world wants us to see. We forget that there are real lives that exist behind the screens and filters. We create imaginary competitions and false presentations of faith until we disconnect from purpose and the ultimate source of our very being. We build our brands on teaching others until we forget to teach ourselves; or make time for us to become students! We stop going to church and allow the 1 minute clips become our pastors or we live our lives through our favorite influencers. 3. Have a plan, Go to work & get PAID!!!
People who aren’t living in purpose, or who don’t have a plan, usually are more prone to wasting time. People who aren’t good with money have higher stress levels. People who aren’t clear of their purpose or identity are easier targets for the enemy, to be distracted, or weaker in the fight. Work and get some days off. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Save a lot and spend a pinch! 4. Maintain Your Faith & Spirituality
God I’m talking to YOU! I’ve fallen short. I’m adult enough to admit it and fearful of You to accept it so that I can move forward. I’ve neglected time with You. I’ve often gone straight to social media, work, loved ones, etc. the moment I wake up. How dare I?! Today I ask for your forgiveness. I ask that you get me back to this place of when your Love overpowered and outshined everything else. Help me to live with the mindset of gratefulness, in action and in deed. Father I am simply grateful today for your love and kindness towards me. Forgive me for my sins. Please transform my heart and help me to remember that Jesus is yet to return and to not get too comfortable in this life. Help me not to ignore the “eternity that you’ve set in my heart”. (Ecc. 3:11) Though I’m apart of an era of religion/spirituality isn’t the most popular thing, help me to keep my God-Awareness. Help me to be grateful in the process, remember your promises, and not rushing to find answers elsewhere. Don’t allow me to knock myself out of your course. I am grateful for the gift that led me the job. I’m grateful for the job that gets me the income. I’m grateful You’re the ultimate source of it all and without you none of this is possible. Today I put back on the mind of Christ and that is of a servant and not a celebrity. Thank you! Again, I’m grateful! 5. Accept His Forgiveness
Walk in it! Practice the confidence in knowing that your Heavenly Father will not leave you! (Hebrews 4:16) 6. Resist The Bad Vibes
People who strong arm bad vibes, maintain good days. Keep a smile on your face. Applaud yourself for your efforts and keep it short with any bad company, negative, or inconsistent energy. Usually the “smilers” get smiles back! Walk through the day smiling knowing that God is with you!
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I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Don’t feel bad. Some don’t cling to you because of your disposition and standard alone. It puts a demand on them, that they won’t put on themselves. Some people are attracted to what they’re most comfortable with. Some run to what makes them better and some run to what keeps them mediocre. Sometimes what we stand for and don’t tolerate leaves our phones from receiving less calls. When you’re not included, don’t take it to heart. You’re just different. People often notice more potential than we see in ourselves.
A higher calling on your life, leaving you to often be force to learn the behavior of a loner. However, I find that some loners are some of the most secure people. You’re self sufficient. More in sync with God, your body, and spirit. Take the time and appreciate the few that are as balanced as you. See what parts of yourself should be nourished. Ever feel alone? Maybe you’re disconnected from friends and family. Sometimes God uses a woman to be the portal to get you here. Sort of like the story of Moses. Some people aren’t capable of raising kings and queens. Don’t take it too personal.
Break through and become the whole being that you’re called to be. You may be misunderstood. Some things has everything to do with God’s plan. In his plan there’s always a plan for you to heal and be emotionally stable. Honor that and keep evolving!
Scriptures to consider:
Deuteronomy 31:6
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Psalm 27:10
“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.”
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Happy International Women’s Day

A woman has super powers. She carries human beings in her body and pushes them into destiny. She can love a man into purpose as a mother or a wife; can love a sister or daughter with unforgettable lifelong lessons. She can soften a strong man to see the other side. She can build a home with her words, wisdom, and developing a nation.
Open up heaven with her relentless prayers and faith. Can make that money with her fast mind and build empires with her persistence. The power that is within you can make anyone in the world believe in themselves and in a new start. The generosity of a woman keeps legacies alive. She’s naturally nurturing. In her business and in her home, she’s naturally building others up.
She often forgets of herself having given so much to so many around her. She musters up the faith to continue to love and transform the world one by one, after pain. Her pain tolerance is of a warrior. She brushes off a cold while a man needs the world to stop at one cough. She carries a fragrance and a grace that calls the attention of a room as if there was a loud sound released in a space.
Culture is built around her sense. It’s inspired by her strength. She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. God is within her, she will not fail. Woman don’t forget to love yourself. Give time to yourself!
You’ve pushed through brokenness to get to healing. Without the “I’m proud of you” you’ve gone forward! You’ve owned your bad decisions and have allowed God to turn them into good. You’re crowned with wisdom because you’ve learned to forgive and still love again.
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I Was Impatient. Turns Out He Married Someone Else…

Singleness is ordained selfishness. Someone said this to me this morning and it stuck with me. I began to think about how often we compare ourselves with so many others and we look at what “they” have saying, “I wish I had that”, not knowing the bliss or misery that may have occurred during their journey. Or what about the dream that we’ve been praying for? Maybe it hasn’t happened yet. Very often the waiting time/the waiting room can be very boring. However, it’s very rare for us to have been waiting and the doctor sneaks out the back door and never returns. Even if he does dip, by law he still has to see you. By law, God has to come through for you. He set it up that way. You are His child. We wonder, “God why did you put me in this place?”. Sometimes he has us there to renew us.
To become new and to renew our strength, means that something that we’ve not had will come upon me. The definition of “new” is not existing before. God could be cultivating us and developing us so that when we are in the marriage, or having meetings at bigger tables, we aren’t needing to get the part of our lives out that we never lived while young. Sometimes we rush ourselves into things out of God’s timing, we have the tendency to destroy beautiful opportunities. That opportunity could be to love again and be safe or to be a millionaire and to have financial stability.
You know how some people say, “Oh they’re just going through a phase…”! A phase? The heck you talkin’ bout?! There shouldn’t be any phases when in marriage or having reached the promised land. My prayer lately is, “Lord get it ALL out of me…” Don’t get me wrong I understand that there is love, sacrifice, and compromise that comes along with marriage but are you ready for it? Some of us haven’t seen the world and don’t know if 5 years from now we will have moved and met a man/woman that we never thought we’d come across. I don’t want to be that person who is in marriage still curious. Curious George is for kids. LOL! I’d like to be fully ready, sure, and whole. I don’t want to be broken into pieces, giving my husband and children a human science project – or not knowing how to maintain the promised place due to my premature arrival. That’s how cycles begin. When we don’t wait on God and we rush ourselves into a space that we aren’t ready for, whoever we are responsible for will take on our habits and mentalities. It’s naturally a part of domestication. Further, this is why owning our truths is so important because it sets your free guiding you in a true place without a fabricated you.
So, it’s sort of like, when the grown ups would tell the children to “stay in a child’s place”. I pray that I don’t make my children into psychologists prematurely; trying to figure out why mommy is possibly unstable with her emotions etc. I hope to give my family structure. I have a past and I’ve made mistakes. Though its widely accepted by today’s society, to have a family with out the proper tools and/or structure, I still hope to do it God’s way. And if you’ve not done it His way, I hope that you’re inspired to do it his way so that you aren’t later facing the possibilities/His promises with extra (permanent) baggage. Wait on God, blossom, and grow today. I had an epiphany for a moment and thought to myself, if I hadn’t waited I would’ve still been calling “Tyrone”. LOL!Lord help us to have self discipline. If we are in something prematurely, we believe that you have the power to transform us in the now. So, God do it. Help us to wait on you so that we can see the possibilities that you had planned for us along the course of our life’s journey. We trust you. If we are uncertain, show us how to trust you and give us the peace and strength to wait. Even when there are opportunities that present themselves, if it’s not from you and if we can’t hear you, shut the door – even if it hurts. Father though many things are accepted, help us to have a standard and structure to ourselves. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Scriptures To Consider:
1 Corinthians 9:25
2 Timothy 1:7
Galatians 6:46
Isaiah 40:31
Jeremiah 29:11
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